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Who We Are

The University of Azuay has institutionalized the functions of research and service to society, through its Vice President for Research.

The powers of the Office of the Vice-Rector for Research are, among others: carrying out the management related to research and outreach, establishing policies and generating strategies that promote research, development and innovation; promote and manage the implementation of projects applied for the benefit of the community, maintaining cooperation links with agencies in charge of development, non-governmental organizations and public and private companies.

Raffaella Ansaloni

Research Vice Chancellor

PhD in Biodiversity and conservation of the natural environment
PhD in Agricultural Sciences
Plant Biotechnology Specialist

Current Vice Chancellor for Research at the University of Azuay, she is a professor and researcher with 30 years of experience. She has been coordinator of the Biology career, sub-dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology, director of the Azuay Herbario.
He has written and presented his research in the field of botany in magazines, books, and national and international events.

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Research policies

We promote transformative innovation in Research through some actions:

  1. Strengthening of scientific research
  2. Promotion of projects that have a real impact on society and contribute to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)
  3. Research to understand climate change, eliminate its causes and mitigate its effects
  4. Basic and applied research that provides information and instruments to reduce inequality.



Quality research manages to obtain funding and produces impact publications. To achieve this we are promoting and supporting:

  1. National and international alliances
  2. Participation in competitive funds
  3. The training of researchers: professors, undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students


The quality of training provided by a higher education center must be closely linked to the external environment, it cannot be limited solely to effective instrumental learning. The professionals who are trained, in addition to having a high academic level, must be prepared to promote learning and knowledge communities, give correct answers to the needs of technology transfer, be able to identify and produce knowledge linked to the endogenous needs of the environment and propose work alternatives to become job creators.

In order to fulfill the aforementioned purposes, various strategies have been established at the University of Azuay and multiple efforts have been developed related to research activities and links with the external environment. The main data of the research projects carried out are presented below:

research groups

Biology Research Group

It studies the biodiversity and ecosystems of the region and the country, contributing to the conservation of natural heritage and sustainable development, in harmony with the environment.... Read more

Human Talent Management and Organizational Development

Promotes the planning and execution of research projects related to the management of human talent and organizational development. ... Read more

Territory and Geomatics

It works for the decentralized development of Ecuador, with recognition from local governments and communities, becoming an important link between the University and the community.... Read more

Electronic Engineering Research Center

It seeks the incorporation of technology into the national productive matrix and the intellectual and economic strengthening of the country, in the areas of automation, robotics, communication systems,... Read more


John Alvarez
Ricardo Rodas
Xavier Stone
damian whitewashed
Ivan Mendoza
Diego Torres
Javad Sharifi-Rad
damiano scotton
Victor Delgado
Ana Durán
Juanita Bersosa
Anna Tripaldi
Maria González
Maria Coello
sonia arteaga
Norma Reyes
Claudia Rhodes
diana garcia


Disseminating the knowledge, findings, developments or innovations that are achieved as a result of the activities inherent to research, will be a fundamental task to ensure that the scientific community knows and appreciates the contribution that can be provided, as well as for the social environment to benefit. actually of the university action.

Heritage values: towards a holistic and participatory management approach

Maria Soledad Moscoso Cordero, Veronica Cristina Heras Barros
  indexed article

Wood in Architecture. Identification and Characterization of Structural Wood in Ecuador

ANA GABRIELA LLERENA ENCALADA, Diego Javier Proaño Escandón, Luis Enrique Barrera Peñafiel
  indexed article


Submission procedures

The research processes that will be managed by the Office of the Vice President for Research may have different origins, so it is necessary to order the proposals, based on one or more of the following factors: funding source, commitments assumed by the Institution, application to participate in calls for competitive funds, invitations from other universities, integration into research networks, participation in calls made by external organizations, consultancies, various situations that entail the application of different criteria, depending on the case, for the corresponding administrative management.

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