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Título Native Shrubs To Restore Abandoned Pastures In The Southern Andes of Ecuador: a Plant Functional Trait Approach
Grupo de investigación Grupo de Investigación de Biología
Año 2023

Resumen ejecutivo

Studies focused on the restoration of abandoned pastures in the Tropical Andes are scarce, or even absent for locations above 2000 m in altitude.  This study proposes a trait-based approach to select native woody species that can accelerate restoration processes. We will combine field and laboratory experiments to test the accuracy of plant functional traits in predicting restoration success. Field experiments will be placed within abandoned pastures in three different landholdings between 2850 and 3000 meters of altitude in the southern Andes of Ecuador. We will use field experiments to evaluate seedling survival and growth responses of six different native species; and seed germination and seedling survival responses after direct seeding. Laboratory experiments will describe seed morphology and evaluate germination responses in laboratory conditions.